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plat - tulip bouquet

Platinum Flowers – Tulip Wedding Bouquet

By Calm Weddings

Choosing the right flowers for your wedding day can be trickier than you think!

That’s why we believe speaking with the professionals is the best way forward.

‘Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. Chances are, you’ve already been imagining your dress, the guest list, and even the location for years. In all of the rush to pick out dresses and colour schemes, don’t forget one of the most important parts; your wedding flower bouquet’

says Angela Bell from Platinum Flowers

If you’re unsure of what to look for when choosing a florist, we’ve put a list together for you:

  • Look for a florist who is passionate about their work; look for creativity, enthusiasm and inspiration.
  • Check out their portfolio of work; most should have a collection of their work and should be eager to talk to you about your needs.
  • Look for feedback from other customers, many good florists can be booked up for months, so try to book well in advance.

What should think about before meeting your florist?

  • Your budget. How much do you want to spend on flowers? Talk this through with your florists as they should be able to put a plan together. They should advise you on the flowers you could include and which would be best to leave out.
  • Will the company deliver your flowers on the day or will someone need to pick them up?
  • Your flowers should complement your wedding attire, accentuate your style and the bouquet should be steered by your wedding outfit.
plat - orchid wedding bouquet

Platinum Flowers – Orchid Wedding Bouquet

How can you help your florist?

  •  Ask if they have arranged flowers at your church or venue before. If not, ask if they can view the venue. If you’re getting married in a large place, small flowers will be washed out, unnoticeable and a waste of money. If the florist doesn’t have time to view the venue, then give the florist photos and information. If possible, a website address would really help them.
  • Give them a picture and a sample of the material of your dress. As mentioned, your bouquet should be guided by your wedding outfit. So, the shape, colour and style of the dress are extremely important; the more they see the better the bouquet.

What flowers would I need?

plat - white wedding bout

Platinum Flowers – White Wedding Bouquet

This list is only a guide, feel free to delete and add where you feel it would be appropriate:

Wedding Party

Bridal bouquet
Flowers for bride’s hair
Bridesmaids bouquets
Bridesmaids headpieces

Flower girl petals to toss / or petals arranged along the aisle

Groom’s buttonholes
Best man / Ushers buttonholes
Mother of the bride / Mother of groom corsage

Father of the bride / Father of the groom buttonholes
Grandparents corsages / buttonholes
Others for aunts / uncles / close friends

plat - vintage bouquet

Platinum Flowers – Vintage Bouquet

Altar and other front central pieces
Pew or chair decorations
Entrance to the church, venue or reception rooms

Centrepieces for each table
Buffet table decorations
Bar decorations
Flowers for other areas that you feel may need decorating; top table, an area within your venue you feel needs attention or extra flowers to brighten up a certain room.

You may also want to give flowers as a ‘thank you’ present to your parents.

plat - choc wedding bouquet

Platinum Flowers – Chocolate Wedding Bouquet

All in all ensure you tell your florist what you want, encourage them to use their design skills to produce a gorgeous bouquet just for you.






By Calm Weddings

Did you know that traditionally wedding flowers had a strong smell of herbs and spices, which were believed to scare off evil spirits, bad luck and ill health? Apparently, garlic was quite popular too! This tradition developed into the bride wearing floral garlands that signified new life and fertility. Flowers became part of the bride’s bouquet and then flowers became a symbol to lovers as they sent them with little messages to each other; a tradition which still goes on today.

So history lesson over, flowers can be included in your wedding as little or as much as you would like, however, we believe that when choosing your flowers you need to speak to the professionals. Flowers can come in all shapes, sizes and colours, so if you are going to spend a significant part of your budget on flowers you want them to stand out.

We had to share the flowers from Platinum Flowers who are based in Hartlepool. Not only do they offer a FREE consultation but their amazing flowers are designed to suit your style and budget needs. You can choose or modify one of their existing designs. Check out just a small sample of their fantastic designs.

plat flowers 1plat flowers 4plat flowers 5plat flowers 3plat flowers 2

Flowerhouse, who are based in Hartburn, are another superb company who pride themselves on listening to their customers: they will work with you to ensure your wedding is filled with the flowers you desire. Just look at this small selection of marvellous designs.

flowerhouse 7flowerhouse 6flowerhouse 5flowerhouse 2flowerhouse 1

Calm Weddings offer an alternative to fresh flowers … silk flowers! Please keep reading! Don’t be put off by the image of old-fashioned, satin petals that have seen better days. Calm Weddings offers designs from Everything But The Dress. Contemporary, stunning and modern silk bouquets that you can keep for ever. Imagine not only being able to show your own children your wedding bouquet, but your grandchildren too! Here’s a few stunning samples.

Calm Weddings Flowers 3Calm Weddings Flowers 3.1Calm Weddings Flowers 2.1Calm Weddings Flowers 1

If you don’t know much about flowers, it really is best to talk to the professionals.