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Don’t let mediocre speeches ruin the day!!

So many of our brides and grooms tell us that one of the things they worry about most when they think about their big day is how the wedding speeches will go. Will the Best Man mention all of those stories you wish he wouldn’t? Will the Groom remember to thank everyone he needs to? How will the Father of the Bride get over his nerves? All legitimate worries about things that regularly go wrong!!  No-one wants people to think:

‘nice wedding, shame about the speeches!’.

As a result, Not Just Any Wedding has teamed up with professional public-speaking coach Chris Edmondson to offer the men in your life an exciting opportunity to perfect their wedding speeches ahead of the big day.  Our Wedding Speech Masterclasses will cover a range of topics and issues that will leave participants feeling confident, relaxed and prepared – allowing everyone to get on and enjoy the big day!

Whether it’s your Father, your Fiance or your Best Man, we’ll make sure that after this 2 and 1/2 hour masterclass they know:

*   How to pitch their speech correctly at their audience
*   How and where to source content for their speeches
*   How to construct their speech; How long it should be. How to add that personal touch. How to use humour. Whether to use props and visual aids. How to use prompt cards.
*   Dealing with the dreaded ‘body language’ and those inevitable surprises on the day
*   How to handle nerves and anxiety on the big day
*   Top tips on preparing and practising
Places are limited so please don’t miss out  – click the link below:

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The speeches: This part of the day can be the most nerve-wracking, especially for those who are not used to talking in front of groups of people, let alone, a crowded room. If you think any of your family or friends who are involved in giving a speech could do with a bit of TLC, Amethyst Holistics offer some great relaxing therapies. They also offer a wide range of treatments for anyone suffering with general wedding nerves and stress.

We’ve put together a little guide that should help you establish who should speak and a general idea of what they should say. But we think anyone speaking from the heart will always win the crowd over. Don’t worry about being amusing, witty or telling the funniest story, showing your love and appreciation for the bridal couple is definitely the best way forward.

Who speaks? Who says what?

Usually the bride’s father, groom and best man make a speech. However, it has become popular for the bride to make a speech. Bridesmaids can make a speech, having a best-lady rather than a best man, or mothers can speak instead of fathers (bride or groom). However, if you would like to stay with tradition, this mini guide will help you.

Father of the Bride

  • It’s the father’s job to welcome the wedding guests and thank them for coming.
  • He may tell a little story about the two of you and then toasts you both. He can pack it out with stories about his little girl and also how much they welcome their new son-in-law into the family.


  • Again, thanks everyone for coming.
  • Thanks the bride’s father for making his speech.
  • Thanks everyone for their wedding gifts.
  • Generally tells everyone about how pleased he is to be finally married to his new beautiful wife. Usually this speech is light-hearted, and a good opportunity to make a good impression with all guests; especially ‘the bride’s family’.
  • Thanks both sets of parents. If you’re giving thank you gifts to the bridal party, call out individual names with a little sentence about each of them. Also thank anyone else who helped with organising the wedding.

Best man

  • The best man’s speech can be one of the most difficult to put together, it’s usually entertaining, amusing but shouldn’t offend anyone (except the groom, but that’s allowed!). We said don’t worry about making it funny, however many who are in this position feel they should make it funny. This doesn’t have to be the case. Don’t worry about making the funniest speech, make a speech that means something to you and your friends (the bridal couple).
  • Usually the best man would tell everyone how he met the groom, talk about the groom’s life and different experiences. He may add information on how the bride and groom met. Typically, at the end of the speech the groom reads through some cards, emails and messages from people who are unable to attend.

However, as mentioned earlier, if the bride decides to make a speech, it’s allowed. The bride could tell stories about each of the bridesmaids. Maybe the bride wants to make a speech to let everyone know about the wonderful husband she has married.

Speeches are a way of letting everyone know how much you appreciate them sharing this important day with you, how much love your family and friends have and how much love you have for each other. They allow everyone to know how special this day is for both of you and it also allows others to show their appreciation.