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You, as the bridal couple, will be centre of attention for your special day. However, don’t underestimate how many of your guests will be looking at your mothers. The mother of the bride and the mother of the groom can receive just as much attention as you! Yes, your guests will be checking out their outfits, so it’s important you take the choosing of their outfits as seriously as you take your own.

There are some traditional etiquette rules regarding the mother of the bride and her outfit. But don’t feel like these have to be followed, as there are many other wedding traditions that have changed over time too.

But for your information, if you’d like to play by the old rules, here are a few customs for you:brides mother 3

* The bride’s mother would choose her outfit before the groom’s mother.

* The bride’s mother would usually choose the same colour as the bridesmaids. The colour can be a different shade i.e. if your bridesmaids are in cerise pink, the mother of the bride may choose a paler pink.

* She would avoid outfits that are white, ivory and champagne. Plus black or red gowns.

These are just a few old-fashioned customs. Talk with your mothers about what colour and style they would prefer. For example, there are some extremely elegant outfits in white, ivory and champagne. A wide range of classy outfits in black and some stylish and refined outfits in red. So don’t rule out all of the above.

bride mother 2Your mothers need to feel comfortable on the day. If they are totally unsure where to start or they have an idea but they’re not sure how to make a certain outfit or colour work for them, well, there are plenty of people out there who can help. From colour consultants to professional shoppers. Jill Green from House of Colour, a Corporate Image Consultant & Personal Stylist has been helping women look their best for over 20 years. Jill is passionate about helping people look and feel fantastic. She offers a supportive, fun and enjoyable experience. If your mothers are needing a helping hand, Jill is definitely the lady to see. From personal shopping days to a colour and style consultation, Jill will help your mothers choose the right outfit for them. The great thing about this experience is it isn’t a one-off: your mothers can use the advice after your wedding, and continue to look great all year round.

It’s tradition to buy all the bridal party a gift to say ‘thank you for your help and being part of our day’. Why not buy your mothers an early present? Book them in with Jill … with all the wedding planning they could probably do with a nice pamper session.