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Real Stockton 2014

My previous experience of business networking:

“Hey there! Do you want to join our business network?”
no thanks, I’d rather chop my own legs off with a spoon
“Ah.. er.. yes sure, I will pop along. Sound’s great. Can’t wait!”

If you business network already you likely fall into one of two camps: Camp 1-The Positively Evangelistic or Camp 2-Utter Dread and Horror.

I found networking excruciating- rather like drinking in Yarm sometimes.  A little too all fur coat and no knickers.

I totally get that the purpose of networks is to get business. Obviously I’m all for that; growing business, developing personally, making contacts and such forth. This is quite obviously brilliant and purposeful, but, maybe specifically so with our professions being so personal (writing and photography), I need it to be totally honest to have real integrity.

I like to talk to other humans, on that level, not walking…

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