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Your first dance can be quite a daunting task, especially if you have ‘two left feet’ as the saying goes. If you’re not really into dancing, let alone in front of all your family and friends, this supposedly romantic moment could actually fill you with dread. Questions such as, do you shuffle your feet in time with each other? Or do you whisk each other around the room like the next ‘Fred and Ginger’.

The best advice we can give you is to practice. Get used to dancing with each other. Just grab one another randomly and have a smooch. You’ll soon find the more you practice, the less daunting the whole experience will feel.

Many couples take dancing lessons. This is becoming very popular in ensuring your first dance is perfect. It’s also a nice way to connect before and after your wedding. Just make sure this is something you both want. You’ll be investing so much money into your wedding for many things you’ll never see, hold or able to use again. Investing in your first dance is something you can take into your married life together.

There are couples who have ‘jazzed-up’ their first dance by choosing a rap, rock or dance song, rather than a romantic embrace, and they’ve really moved around the dance floor. This type of performance can really get your guests in the mood for the evening reception. If this is the case make sure you let your photographer/videographer know your plans, as this could affect where they put their lighting, or where they position themselves. Obviously the DJ needs to know exactly what you are planning to ensure they are following your timings.

It is important that you plan the music. The song you choose should mean something to you both. The lyrics should, at least, have some resemblance to how you feel.

Once you’ve chosen your song, you’ve decided how you would like your first dance to go (professionally or not) and you are both comfortable with your decision, then it’s all about practising. Dance when and wherever you can together; around the kitchen, in the lounge, in the garden and down the street. Embrace your moves, have fun and enjoy connecting with each other.

If you’re struggling to find a song that you both like or means something to you, we’ve researched some websites that have some great lists of wedding songs. Have a browse and see what you think. We wish you lots of luck.

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