by Calm Weddings Photo by Jen Hart

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This week NJAW had the pleasure of attending NELD (North East Ladies Day), a fabulous day out, with lunch, drink and lots of ladies all glammed up … what more could a lady want?

NJAW were also lucky enough to watch an exclusive fashion show by Joulani of Darlington. Her delightful range was unique, classy and sophisticated.

Being surrounded by many stunning ladies, and enjoying the glamour on the catwalk, it was hard not to notice the gorgeous array of outfits. This got NJAW thinking about the effort your guests make to look great for your wedding.

However, although there are a wide range of outfits to choose from out there, some of your guests won’t be aware of what’s in season, or even where to start when it comes to choosing their attire. Well, we found a few websites that should help with fashion trends.

Look Magazine, Marie Claire and Glamour Magazine have all written articles relating to the best wedding guest outfits. Definitely worth a look.

However, your guests may look through these websites and many others, plus endless shops, but are they aware of what really suits them? Do they understand which colours bring out their eyes? Or which colours make their skin glow?

colour_214Well, Jill Green a Colour Analysis Expert from House of Colour can help any of your guests find the perfect outfit for your wedding, plus help them identify how to look great every day. Jill is passionate about making people look and feel fantastic. Jill will show you and your guests how specific colours work in perfect harmony with your eyes, skin and hair tones and the amazing effect wearing them has on your appearance and self-confidence.

So, if you know any of your guests are struggling with finding the perfect outfit, Jill is definitely the lady to speak to.

Help your guests feel as good as you on your special day.