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PBL - dancing

Photo credit: PBL Discos

If you are spending thousands of pounds on your wedding, don’t you want it to stand out from all the other weddings your guests will be attending that year? In fact, don’t you want your guests to remember your wedding for ever?

Do you really want to spend so much money for your day to blend into the mass of weddings your family and friends have attended? So, how can you make your day stand-out from the rest? Well, there are endless things you can do to personalise your wedding, however, today we are going to talk about entertainment.

Entertainment at a wedding? You may ask. But your wedding in essence is a party: a celebration of your love for each other. Making sure you entertain your guests will ensure they will remember your day … and then your money has definitely been well-spent!

So what type of entertainment could you possibly have at your wedding? The list is endless, however, the best place to start is with a brainstorm. A brainstorm will allow you to consider how many guests you have in different age categories, for example: how many children are coming? How many of your guests are elderly. You may have some elderly guests who would prefer to sit in a quiet corner, so try and provide this for them. Place a game of scrabble, a jigsaw or a chess board in the quiet corner.

However, what about the other guests and children? Something as simple as a disco could really set your wedding apart from the others. Really? I hear you ask. Wouldn’t that be similar to what everyone else is doing? Not if you choose the right company and the right music!

Your choice of music and the dancing is what really sets your wedding apart. Get your bridal party to learn a new dance, all take to the dance floor when your first dance is supposed to take place. Wow your guests with your moves.

PBL DiscoPBL Discos have joined NJAW, and what a fantastic company. They understand your wedding is one of the most important and happiest days of your life. They specialise in Wedding Discos so they understand the need for your special day to be perfect. They have an amazing wedding disco package that will fill the dance floor, look great, sound amazing and importantly, be ran in a safe and professional manor.

PBL also offer children’s discos, race nights, Christmas discos and much more. They totally understand their audience. They will work with you to make your wedding as memorable for your guests as it was for you.

Remember, it’s about the laughter, it’s about enjoying one of the most important days of your life, so put those dancing shoes on and have fun!