By Calm Weddings

Aim – Have an aim. Put a plan in place. Decide what you want from your wedding day and work towards this. This will help with your budget too!

Bag – Brides may find it a good idea to ask a family member to carry around a small bag for them containing things such as lip gloss, perfume, aftershave and any other items you feel may come in useful throughout the day (see emergency kit).

Cards – Your stationery is important; your invitations are the introduction to your wedding. And ensuring all your stationery matches is very important, especially if you are having a theme that you want to follow.

coochicoo cardsChochicoo cards are specialists in providing handmade wedding stationery. Their invitation designs offer everything from elegant to contemporary and can be made in any colour to match the theme and style of your big day.

Delegate – Don’t be proud (or a control freak); delegate as many duties as possible to family and friends, most will be more than happy to help.

Emergency Kit – Put together some essentials that you may need throughout the day; headache and indigestion tablets, needle and thread (also include the colour of your bridesmaids’ dresses), wipes, lip gloss, perfume and anything else you think may come in handy. Obviously you won’t be able to carry all this around with you, so choose a family member or a friend to put all your essentials in a bag for you.

Fruit – Fancy something healthy? Place bowls of fruit in the middle of your tables. Ask your caterers to hand out pieces of exotic fruit as canapés and ask them to make up an exquisite fruit dessert or fruit punch.

Garter – It’s tradition for brides to wear a garter, this comes from an old myth; the groomsmen would rush to take off the bride’s garter as a prize, as it symbolised good luck. Many brides wear a blue garter to symbolise the traditional myth ‘something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue …’ it’s more of an accessory these days.

Hair – Book your hairdresser well in advance. Discuss your ideas with your hairdresser, and listen to their advice. Take along a photo of your dress as this will help your hairdresser establish which style is best for you.

poppys-logoPoppys Hairdressing, one of the most sought after names in the North East, has an experienced, highly skilled Wedding Hair team dedicated to making you look and feel special.

Injections – If you’re travelling somewhere exotic for your honeymoon, you may need to consider what injections (if any) are needed, ask at your local health centre.

Jacuzzi – Have a spa day several days before your big day, relaxing is so important before the big event.

Karaoke – Excellent entertainment for both engagement and wedding parties!

Legalities – There are certain legalities to go through to ensure you’re officially married. But once you have signed your important documents, how you celebrate is completely up to you.

Music – Choosing music can be fun, just remember you may have to choose different types for different parts of the day; maybe soft classical for the ceremony and then dance for the evening (or vice versa if that’s what takes your fancy).

Nerves – You will probably feel at your most nervous on the morning of your wedding. Nerves hit most brides and grooms just as they are about to arrive at the venue. Many brides are especially nervous of walking down the aisle. Keep calm and stay focused!

Order of Service – The order of service allows your guests to understand the itinerary for the ceremony or the full day; it can be as detailed or as brief as you like. Each guest should get one, so make sure you have enough printed. (See Cards above).

Poems – Poems can be extremely romantic. They can be used as your readings for the ceremony. Do you have any talented family members or friends who could write a poem about the two of you?

Quiz – Devise a quiz about the both of you and your relationship: i.e. where did you meet? etc. This is a brilliant ice-breaker: guests can work together to answer the questions, and the table with the most correct answers wins a prize. (An extra bottle of wine or two!).

Rain – If you experience rain on your wedding day try not to be too disappointed. Use the weather to your advantage. Get some stunning photos with the use of black & white umbrellas or raindrops falling from each others noses. Talk to your photographer about enhancing your photos if you come across bad weather. See here for amazing wedding photographers.

Samples – Make yourself a scrapbook; fill it with sample pictures of dresses, colours, flowers and anything else wedding related. This is a fantastic keepsake.

Transport – There are many different ways to travel to your wedding. Depending on the distance, you could opt for a horse & carriage or arrive in a hot air balloon! Think about your entrance; what impression do you want to make? Plus, think about the number of people you need to get there, i.e. bridesmaids, ushers, parents etc.

Understanding – You may both have different views on what you expect from your wedding day, however, trying to understand each other will help to make the day special to both of you.

Violinist – Having a professional musician such as a violinist will add a special ambience to your day.

Wedding Planner – Wedding planners are becoming very popular. Having someone to help organise the biggest day of your life can really take the stress away. From expense to time, it really is worth considering.


Avents plan events big or intimate.
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Xmas – A Christmas wedding. One of the most romantic times of the year to get married. Imagine fake snow, fake fur, Christmas crackers as favours, tinsel, fairy lights and so much more. Even a Santa’s Grotto (not only for the kids, but the adults too!). Get Santa to hand out your favours.

You – Your day is about YOU! The both of YOU! Keep it that way!

Zoo – As said earlier, once your legalities are out of the way, you can enjoy the celebrations anywhere. So check out your local zoos. Wow your guests with a safari theme.