By Calm Weddings

Grease1smallHen parties are about celebrating the bride’s last night of freedom. This night has turned into weekends, and weeks in some cases. However, it did get us wondering at NJAW how the whole hen night tradition actually started. We came across a BBC News article – Where did the hen party explosion come from? A very interesting read. However, we had to agree with the end quote in this article that states: “When it all boils down to it, it’s a very intimate gathering and a sign that you’re one of the chosen and that’s why it’s so special.”

It has become a very popular tradition to visit a city and enjoy the pubs and clubs. However, at NJAW we believe that holding a unique memorable hen party is definitely the way forward.

Below are some amazing companies who can help you have the best hen party ever. These companies will give you and your friends a celebration you’ll never forget.

New-web-banner2The Picture Book Studio hires for events, such as hen parties, the hilarious Picture Book Photo Booth. The lovely attendants ‘Tranny’ and ‘Rosanna’ will give you a make-over18small you’ll remember for ever. This is a great idea for a hen-night. Laughter, fun and captured memories you can keep for ever. However, if you would prefer a more¬†sophisticated celebration, the picture book studio caters especially for hen parties. Their package includes: make-over by a professional hair and make-up artist, bottles of bubbly, plus airbrushing and skin smoothing private online viewing gallery 10 High resolution images on DVD (1 DVD for every person) This is definitely the shoot of a lifetime!!

colour_214House of Colour is a fantastic service that allows women (and men) to understand which colours and styles suit them. This is a great idea for a hen celebration. Not only will all the party be involved in a fun, entertaining day/evening, everyone will learn how they can accentuate their own personal style and look their best on a day-to-day basis. Jill Green was intrigued about the difference colour could make to an individual’s appearance and their confidence, with her 20 years’ experience she loves to show brides and their friends how to look their best for the wedding and thereafter.

lifeLife Fitness is another unique hen party idea, but once again, this is more than a one-off event. You will learn tips and advice that you will be able to carry forward in your everyday life. Sue McKenna is the only mobile Female Weight Loss Coach in the Tees Valley. She will give you a fun, fitness hen party that will have brides and their friends feeling refreshed, revitalised and ready to glow at your wedding.

These are a few ideas that we love at NJAW. We believe the hen party should be a celebration to remember. If you can take something more than a hang-over away with you, then it’s definitely got to be worth thinking about.

Most importantly – have fun! So make sure you do something you will thoroughly enjoy.