By Victoria J.Brown

Photos by Jen Hart


Now, we all know that weddings are really all about the bride. Many brides have been planning their wedding since they were a little girl. Being a princess for the day is what most brides dream of. If you’ve read NJAW latest newsletter, you’ll see we have some fab tips for brides. Jo Scott from YAP Bridal Boutique in Newcastle gives advice on the dress that will suit your vision and personality & Jo Leversuch from Make-up by Jo shares her Do’s and Don’ts.

But NJAW haven’t forgot all grooms out there, and know there are some grooms who want to have a huge input into the wedding day. Whereas many others are happy to let their lady organise everything! Here’s a bit of advice on working together to make sure you both have the day of your dreams.

Extract from: The Bride and Groom’s Fun Guide to Planning a Wedding

by Victoria J. Brown


We’ve Got Engaged

 What Do I Need To Do?

She Says

‘Most of it.’

She Means



He Says

‘Whatever I’m told to do.’

He Means

‘Haven’t got a clue what’s involved or what’s expected of me. It would be a lot easier if she leads I’ll follow, although I know where to start when organising my stag-do.’


Planning a wedding can be one of the most exciting things many brides will ever experience, but don’t assume your hubby-to-be doesn’t want to be involved. He may have his own ideas. Many brides take over the wedding planning and many grooms will admit they prefer it this way. However, there are many men who do want a big input into their wedding plans.

Pete was happy for me to plan most things as long as he chose his suit, his wedding ring & our first dance song. I have taken over apart from the things Pete wanted to do, he has done & helped to design the wedding invitations,’ says Janine.

There are many grooms who want the big wedding as much as the bride, or more than the bride. Don’t assume that the man will think the whole day is fluffy and he just wants to turn up.

I was happy to go away and get married and throw a party when we got back, but Steven really wanted the big day,’ says Violet.

Yes, there are many grooms who are happy to just turn up:

Mel just told me what I needed to do, where I needed to be and I was happy with this,’ says Neil.

So make sure before you go ahead planning your dream wedding that you’ve included your man’s views. Sit down with each other and discuss your ideas. Listen to each other. What’s important to one of you, isn’t necessarily a priority for the other, however these wants should still be considered. The best way forward is to brainstorm and write down a plan. Once your plan is in place, then assign tasks to each other.

This is a great way to start your married life. Weddings can cause so many arguments that it’s not unknown for couples to wonder why they didn’t just run off and get married. Starting as you mean to go on will definitely benefit your married life.

Most importantly – have fun!