plat - tulip bouquet

Platinum Flowers – Tulip Wedding Bouquet

By Calm Weddings

Choosing the right flowers for your wedding day can be trickier than you think!

That’s why we believe speaking with the professionals is the best way forward.

‘Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. Chances are, you’ve already been imagining your dress, the guest list, and even the location for years. In all of the rush to pick out dresses and colour schemes, don’t forget one of the most important parts; your wedding flower bouquet’

says Angela Bell from Platinum Flowers

If you’re unsure of what to look for when choosing a florist, we’ve put a list together for you:

  • Look for a florist who is passionate about their work; look for creativity, enthusiasm and inspiration.
  • Check out their portfolio of work; most should have a collection of their work and should be eager to talk to you about your needs.
  • Look for feedback from other customers, many good florists can be booked up for months, so try to book well in advance.

What should think about before meeting your florist?

  • Your budget. How much do you want to spend on flowers? Talk this through with your florists as they should be able to put a plan together. They should advise you on the flowers you could include and which would be best to leave out.
  • Will the company deliver your flowers on the day or will someone need to pick them up?
  • Your flowers should complement your wedding attire, accentuate your style and the bouquet should be steered by your wedding outfit.
plat - orchid wedding bouquet

Platinum Flowers – Orchid Wedding Bouquet

How can you help your florist?

  •  Ask if they have arranged flowers at your church or venue before. If not, ask if they can view the venue. If you’re getting married in a large place, small flowers will be washed out, unnoticeable and a waste of money. If the florist doesn’t have time to view the venue, then give the florist photos and information. If possible, a website address would really help them.
  • Give them a picture and a sample of the material of your dress. As mentioned, your bouquet should be guided by your wedding outfit. So, the shape, colour and style of the dress are extremely important; the more they see the better the bouquet.

What flowers would I need?

plat - white wedding bout

Platinum Flowers – White Wedding Bouquet

This list is only a guide, feel free to delete and add where you feel it would be appropriate:

Wedding Party

Bridal bouquet
Flowers for bride’s hair
Bridesmaids bouquets
Bridesmaids headpieces

Flower girl petals to toss / or petals arranged along the aisle

Groom’s buttonholes
Best man / Ushers buttonholes
Mother of the bride / Mother of groom corsage

Father of the bride / Father of the groom buttonholes
Grandparents corsages / buttonholes
Others for aunts / uncles / close friends

plat - vintage bouquet

Platinum Flowers – Vintage Bouquet

Altar and other front central pieces
Pew or chair decorations
Entrance to the church, venue or reception rooms

Centrepieces for each table
Buffet table decorations
Bar decorations
Flowers for other areas that you feel may need decorating; top table, an area within your venue you feel needs attention or extra flowers to brighten up a certain room.

You may also want to give flowers as a ‘thank you’ present to your parents.

plat - choc wedding bouquet

Platinum Flowers – Chocolate Wedding Bouquet

All in all ensure you tell your florist what you want, encourage them to use their design skills to produce a gorgeous bouquet just for you.





If you are interested in joining this Network please email We look forward to meeting you.

Real Stockton 2014

My previous experience of business networking:

“Hey there! Do you want to join our business network?”
no thanks, I’d rather chop my own legs off with a spoon
“Ah.. er.. yes sure, I will pop along. Sound’s great. Can’t wait!”

If you business network already you likely fall into one of two camps: Camp 1-The Positively Evangelistic or Camp 2-Utter Dread and Horror.

I found networking excruciating- rather like drinking in Yarm sometimes.  A little too all fur coat and no knickers.

I totally get that the purpose of networks is to get business. Obviously I’m all for that; growing business, developing personally, making contacts and such forth. This is quite obviously brilliant and purposeful, but, maybe specifically so with our professions being so personal (writing and photography), I need it to be totally honest to have real integrity.

I like to talk to other humans, on that level, not walking…

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Are you bride who owns their business?

Or a bride who has to network as part of their work?

Or do you know of any ladies in business who enjoy meeting other like-minded ladies?

Well, this could be just what you need …

Stockton Businesswomen’s Network


stockton business women


Getting to know you…

Come along and meet your fellow businesswomen

Hot on the heals of the superbly successful inaugural networking event, the Stockton Businesswomen’s Network is back!!

Networking is such an important part of building a successful brand and business and is often the thing that we don’t find the time to do enough of. Well, your worries are over…at this event, you’ll have the chance to get to know all of your fellow business ladies at this giant speed-networking event.

To sign up for this event, please e-mail:

Photo credit: Jen Hart Photography


Don’t let mediocre speeches ruin the day!!

So many of our brides and grooms tell us that one of the things they worry about most when they think about their big day is how the wedding speeches will go. Will the Best Man mention all of those stories you wish he wouldn’t? Will the Groom remember to thank everyone he needs to? How will the Father of the Bride get over his nerves? All legitimate worries about things that regularly go wrong!!  No-one wants people to think:

‘nice wedding, shame about the speeches!’.

As a result, Not Just Any Wedding has teamed up with professional public-speaking coach Chris Edmondson to offer the men in your life an exciting opportunity to perfect their wedding speeches ahead of the big day.  Our Wedding Speech Masterclasses will cover a range of topics and issues that will leave participants feeling confident, relaxed and prepared – allowing everyone to get on and enjoy the big day!

Whether it’s your Father, your Fiance or your Best Man, we’ll make sure that after this 2 and 1/2 hour masterclass they know:

*   How to pitch their speech correctly at their audience
*   How and where to source content for their speeches
*   How to construct their speech; How long it should be. How to add that personal touch. How to use humour. Whether to use props and visual aids. How to use prompt cards.
*   Dealing with the dreaded ‘body language’ and those inevitable surprises on the day
*   How to handle nerves and anxiety on the big day
*   Top tips on preparing and practising
Places are limited so please don’t miss out  – click the link below:

Book Wedding Speech Masterclass




b2a imageSo your head is full … you’re not only trying to arrange the perfect day, but as most brides you’ll be worrying about the way you look. You will be centre of attention for the whole day. All eyes will be on you from walking down the aisle to dancing the night away with your new hubby, family and friends.

So you’ve picked the perfect dress, all matching accessories, you’re debating which make-up will bring out your glow, you know how your hair will be styled … but for many brides there is that one thing that can seem like the hardest thing in the world … losing weight.

Bride or not, we all want quick results. Something that works efficiently rather than endless hours pounding against a treadmill and actually feeling like we’re not getting anywhere. Brides can really feel the pressure of this: they have a deadline, and although deadlines are usually good, every day a bride slips off her healthy regime is a step further away from having the figure she dreams of for her perfect day. Well, brides all is not lost. It doesn’t have to be such a long drawn out process …

B2A-logo1Believe2Achieve have the answer.

They are a unique company based in the UK, and the only company to offer non-invasive, non-surgical, Laser Liposuction alongside personal training. This treatment is fast, fun and effective.

Isn’t this what we want girlies?

Believe2Achieve’s laser therapy can also be used to drastically reduce or even eliminate the appearance of stretch marks. Results show visual reductions of up to 80% with massive improvements to the ‘feel’ of the marks.

Katy Foggin and Amanda Grieveson are the amazing ladies behind this fantastic company.

Katy is an expert masseuse, renowned in her field for helping many elite sports performers, to fitness-phobics! With more than 30 years combined experience in fitness, massage, nutrition and non-invasive treatments, Katy and Amanda, will support you to achieve your desired results.

Katy and Amanda from Believe2Achieve are passionate about helping you look and feel your best whatever your age, shape or level of fitness. They will ensure your programme is tailored to suit your needs.

The results from this programme will not only help you feel more confident before your wedding, but thereafter. These life-changing results will lead you into your married life feeling fantastic about yourself.

By Calm Weddings

All images by Norma June Fashions – view here for more stunnning outfits.

mother bride 1

You, as the bridal couple, will be centre of attention for your special day. However, don’t underestimate how many of your guests will be looking at your mothers. The mother of the bride and the mother of the groom can receive just as much attention as you! Yes, your guests will be checking out their outfits, so it’s important you take the choosing of their outfits as seriously as you take your own.

There are some traditional etiquette rules regarding the mother of the bride and her outfit. But don’t feel like these have to be followed, as there are many other wedding traditions that have changed over time too.

But for your information, if you’d like to play by the old rules, here are a few customs for you:brides mother 3

* The bride’s mother would choose her outfit before the groom’s mother.

* The bride’s mother would usually choose the same colour as the bridesmaids. The colour can be a different shade i.e. if your bridesmaids are in cerise pink, the mother of the bride may choose a paler pink.

* She would avoid outfits that are white, ivory and champagne. Plus black or red gowns.

These are just a few old-fashioned customs. Talk with your mothers about what colour and style they would prefer. For example, there are some extremely elegant outfits in white, ivory and champagne. A wide range of classy outfits in black and some stylish and refined outfits in red. So don’t rule out all of the above.

bride mother 2Your mothers need to feel comfortable on the day. If they are totally unsure where to start or they have an idea but they’re not sure how to make a certain outfit or colour work for them, well, there are plenty of people out there who can help. From colour consultants to professional shoppers. Jill Green from House of Colour, a Corporate Image Consultant & Personal Stylist has been helping women look their best for over 20 years. Jill is passionate about helping people look and feel fantastic. She offers a supportive, fun and enjoyable experience. If your mothers are needing a helping hand, Jill is definitely the lady to see. From personal shopping days to a colour and style consultation, Jill will help your mothers choose the right outfit for them. The great thing about this experience is it isn’t a one-off: your mothers can use the advice after your wedding, and continue to look great all year round.

It’s tradition to buy all the bridal party a gift to say ‘thank you for your help and being part of our day’. Why not buy your mothers an early present? Book them in with Jill … with all the wedding planning they could probably do with a nice pamper session.

NJAWHave you recently got engaged?

Are you living, sleeping and dreaming weddings?

Are you feeling overwhelmed?

Not sure where to start?

Has your life become one big wedding ball. Is it all you want to talk about? Is it all you want to do? Plan, organise, book, discuss ideas …

This is a very exciting time in your life … 

At NJAW we have everything you need. We are your online wedding fayre. We love wedding fayres, and we would tell any bride to visit your local wedding fayres, as there is something exciting about talking to others about your wedding. Discussing details with people who understand. Here is a list of our local wedding shows.

However, you may not always find what you’re looking for. Well, at NJAW we have done the hard work for you. We have built relationships with some of the best suppliers in the North East. We have suppliers who can help you plan your wedding from scratch, and those who will help you with every bit of wedding paraphernalia, to those who will service any needs for your wedding. Many of our suppliers offer a discount if you book through NJAW.

It doesn’t stop there … We can help you with your budget, help you plan out a scheduled diary and keep track of your wedding list. We have advice and tips from the best in the wedding industry and our blog is written by qualified wedding consultant Victoria J. Brown from Calm Weddings: an online wedding boutique.

At NJAW, we understand how important your big day is to you, we understand the time, effort and preparation it takes to have the day of your dreams and we are here to help. We are here to make the process a whole lot easier. Let us at NJAW help you.